KIZ studios

“From Storyboard, to rendering and post production, we thoroughly enjoyed creating a 3D animated Kids game.

  • Kids animated Game Integration
  • Content creation on 3D
  • R&D on Optimizing the Production flow
  • Created a game for IPad
  • Core Technologies & Expertise
  • Game Programming:
  • Preproduction as in story board designing & Game Logics
  • Scripting on Unity 3D
  • Optimization if needed in the workflow (using the plug-ins available in 3DS Max or Maya)
  • C++, GDI+, Direct-X expertise for production & preproduction
  • Game Content Creation:
  • Character Modeling/Designing/ Texturing/Rigging/ Animations
  • Set Modeling/Texturing
  • Expertise on Maya/3DS Max
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