“We worked with Banerasoft to develop a cutting edge learning product. We found the team working on the project extremely professional and competent. Banerasoft came across as being hands-on and quality conscious.”

Amrut Dhumal – Founder & CEO Ink* Academics (Also Co-Founder of Wunderbar Kids Preschools)

Developed an E-Learning platform for a growing community of players to communicate, interact, grasp mathematical conundrums with play online

  • INK* Multiplayer Learning Platform is a gaming wrapper built over Khan Academy framework to allow high school students to practise mathematical problems, gain mastery over different subjects and hone in on the root cause of inability to solve complicated problems. All of these features are available in game format to allow students to compete with each other or to seek the help of a tutor while logged in in the single player mode.
  • Provide learning through continuous practice via concept maps
  • PHP framework utilization

  • Utilize advanced version of Khan Academy to hone in on the weak areas in kids learning to emphasize practice
  • Multi-language support & Analytics
  • Enable the breakage of the Goldilocks effect in current education system
  • Multi-player game format for e-learning to make learning fun
  • Enable self-study, peer study and tutor based study
  • Gamification elements such as badges, easter egg
  • Chat & white board interface via tutor support
  • Support thousands of logged in users at the same time
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